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Like any great piece of music, The Lyric Theatre Singers began with a single note. That note rang loud and sweet in 1990 as the start of something new—an ensemble of talents that added voices, gained speed, and grew into a full-throated expression of musical excellence that continues today.

We produce popular Broadway revues and Christmas concerts for local audiences. In rehearsal for 10 of 12 months, our singers and directors put in the time to create meaningful performances year after year, a legacy that has turned the Lyric Theatre Singers into a must-see Montreal attraction for fans of theatre, vocal harmonies, or plain ol’ entertainment.

Caught your eye? (Or your ear?) Get to know our singers, our leaders, and our history in the rest of this site. See for yourself why Montreal audiences rise to their feet time and again for the Lyric Theatre Singers, and learn how you can get involved behind the scenes or on stage as a new voice. Above all, thank you for visiting, and see you at the theatre!

Latest News

2 weeks ago

The Lyric Theatre

Have a listen! Thanks to Silvio Orvieto CFMB RADIO & CFMB 1280AM Radio Montréal for this interview with our very own Alessandro Mercurio, Singer and Director/Editor of our “Together From Home” video series!


Écoutez ! Merci à Silvio de CFMB 1280AM Radio Montréal pour cette entrevue avec un de nos Chanteurs, Alessandro Mercurio, responsable de la réalisation et du montage de notre série vidéo « Loin des yeux, près du chœur » !
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3 weeks ago

The Lyric Theatre

In case you missed it! Click the link below to see Bob Bachelor’s Global News Morning interview!

Global Interview:

More information about the video series and how to donate to Le Dépôt / The Depot:
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3 weeks ago

The Lyric Theatre

Don’t miss Bob Bachelor’s interview on Global News Morning, tomorrow (Wednesday July 22) at 7:50 AM. He will be talking about our “Together From Home” video series!
Ne manquez pas Bob Bachelor en entrevue sur les ondes de Global Montreal demain à 7h50. Il parlera de notre série vidéo « Loin des yeux, près du chœur » !
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1 month ago

The Lyric Theatre

The members of The Lyric Theatre Singers present their rendition of « La Prière du Sabbat/Les Jours Se Lèvent », (“Sabbath Prayer/Sunrise, Sunset”), from Fiddler on the Roof. We share this message of hope, love and tradition with you today, hoping that it can serve as a soothing balm during these times.

Once again, after much work from the Singers and Bob Bachelor, in close collaboration with our very own Alessandro Mercurio (video) and Rob Denton (sound), we are proud to share our spin on this ode to family and ritual.

The Lyric Theatre Singers would like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution of their loved ones featured in this video. Thank you for making this project so special with your presence and support!

We dedicate this video to the memory of Phyllis Burns, long time Lyric Supporter and mother, wife and grandmother to many Lyric alumni and team members, including our beloved Co-Director, Cathy Burns.

All of this amazing work would not have been possible without the vision and hard work of Lyric’s fearless leader, Bob Bachelor! He tackled this project with great passion as he always does and for that we thank him! ❤️

The Lyric Theatre Singers continue to support The Depot. As demands increase during the Covid-19 crisis, they continue to help feed members of the community. We’ve created a fundraiser page and invite you to donate if you can! Thank you for your support!


Producer & Musical Director: Bob Bachelor

Featuring The Lyric Theatre Singers
Piano: Chad Linsley
Special thanks to Marie-Claire Saindon (viola)

Director & Editor: Alessandro Mercurio
Sound Designer: Rob Denton
Assistant Musical Director: Martin Kaller


Les Chanteurs du Lyric Theatre Singers vous présentent leur version de « La Prière du Sabbat/Les Jours Se Lèvent », de la comédie musicale Fiddler on the Roof. Nous partageons ce message d’espoir, d’amour et de tradition avec vous, en espérant qu’il saura vous apaiser en ces temps difficiles.

Nous aimerions souligner la contribution des proches des Chanteurs. Merci de votre présence et votre soutien qui ont fait de ce projet une expérience bien spéciale !

Nous dédions ce projet à la mémoire de Phyllis Burns, Donatrice de longue date. Plusieurs membres de sa famille ont œuvrer au sein du Lyric Theatre au fil des années, notamment sa fille, notre Co-Directrice, Cathy Burns.

Encore une fois, après plusieurs heures de travail, les chanteurs et Bob Bachelor en collaboration avec Alessandro Mercurio (vidéo) et Rob Denton (son), sont fiers de vous offrir ces quelques minutes dédiées aux rituels et à la famille.

Ce projet n’aurait pas été possible sans le travail acharné de notre directeur et leader visionnaire, Mr Bob Bachelor ! Nous le remercions pour tout ce qu’il fait ! ❤️

Nous continuons à vous inviter à offrir votre soutien au Dépôt! Nous avons donc créé une levée de fond pour cet organisme qui nous tiens à cœur et qui continue son travail pour la communauté montréalaise en ces temps difficiles. Donnez à cette cause importante si vous le pouvez. Nous vous remercions de votre soutien!

Production et Direction musicale: Bob Bachelor

Les Chanteurs de l’ensemble vocal
The Lyric Theatre Singers

Piano: Chad Linsley
Remerciements à Marie-Claire Saindon (viola)

Réalisation et montage: Alessandro Mercurio
Son: Rob Denton
Assistant Directeur Musical: Martin Kaller
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We Want To Hear You!

Are you passionate about musical theatre or ensemble singing? Here’s your chance to be part of Montreal’s premier Broadway vocal group! If you want to work with a team of multi-talented individuals who are passionate about performing to the maximum of their abilities, the Lyric Theatre Singers want to hear you! 

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