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Like any great piece of music, The Lyric Theatre Singers began with a single note. That note rang loud and sweet in 1990 as the start of something new—an ensemble of talents that added voices, gained speed, and grew into a full-throated expression of musical excellence that continues today.

We produce popular Broadway revues and Christmas concerts for local audiences. In rehearsal for 10 of 12 months, our singers and directors put in the time to create meaningful performances year after year, a legacy that has turned the Lyric Theatre Singers into a must-see Montreal attraction for fans of theatre, vocal harmonies, or plain ol’ entertainment.

Caught your eye? (Or your ear?) Get to know our singers, our leaders, and our history in the rest of this site. See for yourself why Montreal audiences rise to their feet time and again for the Lyric Theatre Singers, and learn how you can get involved behind the scenes or on stage as a new voice. Above all, thank you for visiting, and see you at the theatre!

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12 hours ago

The Lyric Theatre
C’est lors de notre grand retour sur scène, hier soir, que notre Directeur artistique et musical, Bob Bachelor s’est vu décerner le prix Jean-Pierre-Guindon de la part de l’Alliance chorale du Québec ! Il en fut récipiendaire en 2020 pour son excellence dans le monde chorale du Québec depuis plus de 25 ans. Quel moment magique et propice ! Les Chanteurs et membres du public étaient ravis de partager ce moment chaleureux et bien mérité, avec leur maestro préféré. Un merci tout spécial à Mme. Roxanne Croteau, Directrice générale de l’Alliance Chorale, d’avoir été en notre compagnie pour remettre son prix à Bob ! *It was during our grand return to the stage last night that our Artistic and Musical Director was awarded the Jean-Pierre-Guindon prize by the Alliance Chorale du Québec! He was awarded this prize in 2020 for his excellence in the Quebec choral world for over 25 years. The Singers and audience members were delighted to share this warm and well-earned moment with their favorite maestro. A special thank you to Roxanne Croteau, Managing Director of the Alliance Chorale for being with us to present Bob with his award! Photos: Matt Ayotte Photo See More See Less
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We Want To Hear You!

Are you passionate about musical theatre or ensemble singing? Here’s your chance to be part of Montreal’s premier Broadway vocal group! If you want to work with a team of multi-talented individuals who are passionate about performing to the maximum of their abilities, the Lyric Theatre Singers want to hear you!